KAREN ROTH | Wellbeing for Women

 Karen Roth has over 15 years experience in research and practice of mind-body-spirit wellbeing. She received her Ph.D. from George Mason University (USA) in Educational Psychology/Neuroscience in 2009. Karen is also a certified yoga instructor. (RYT-200) and she uniquely designs her gentle, stretchy-flow yoga classes to reduce stress and promote wellbeing. 

A published author, Karen's research interests involve the bio/psycho/social processes underlying the therapeutic benefits of yoga and the relationships between yoga, mindfulness and wellbeing in high-stress populations. She is currently working on a publication to clarify the relationship between trauma and the development of eating disorders. Karen has been diagnosed with chronic PTSD as a result of childhood trauma and she is passionate about sharing her experiences to help others.

To connect with Karen to discuss your organization's wellness interests, email: karen@rothwellness.org

​​​Karen Roth is a wellbeing consultant and our Director of Research & Education. Her work is strength's-based and she utilizes a collaborative approach that is grounded in positive psychology. Karen is passionate about promoting cultures of wellbeing in diverse settings including healthcare, educational, and organizational contexts. We work with your organization to design unique, interactive workshops & retreats that are engaging, fun! and proven to boost wellbeing and productivity. 

Retreats & Workshops: 

  • Gentle yoga for wellbeing & stress reduction.

This class is designed with the beginner yoga student in mind. You will learn breathing techniques, proper spinal alignment and basic postures to bring a sense of calmness and peace - at your location in the Hamilton area. Choose from either a single class option or a 6-week series. Book online here. 

  • Juicing for vitality, clarity & detoxification: 

Karen has been practicing juicing, fasts, and internal cleanses for over 20 years and she loves sharing the benefits with others. In this class, you will hear Karen's personal healing testimony and learn how to incorporate juicing into your daily lifestyle to achieve greater mental clarity, vitality, and wellbeing, Book online here. 

Speaking Topic suggestions for your event: (Choose one from our list or allow us to create a completely unique topic for your specific audience). Examples include:

  • Research reveals that only 1 in 3 know their true strengths. Do you? How knowing your strengths can give you the edge in your life, work, and relationships. ​​
  • Easy ways to UP your happiness levels with daily, intentional mindfulness practice. 
  • What is Wellbeing & how can you maximize your levels?
  • Traumatic stress, Dissociation & Mindfulness - why mindfulness meditation may be re-traumatizing for  survivors of complex trauma. How to create trauma sensitive interventions.